Our website was conceived as a result of the frustration of searching the internet for a resource that has a wide range of information and articles on a topic which is so interesting, with many contradictions, some good and some bad.

We are not hoping to convert anyone about the benefits of traditional herbal medicines, rather that we showcase as much up to date, relevant information and let people make informed choices about their health and remedies.

All too often websites on this subject are merely trying to promote the latest fad or hype, especially the packaged courses of amazing “cure-all” treatments. They simply do not exist and as with most medicines, it’s very important to appreciate that some treatments can be effective for one person and maybe not for another.

That’s why we want to grow to be the largest independant and impartial portal for anything related to traditional medicine, especially herbal. You will not find any links to products that we are affiliated to as that way we can remain truly impartial and informative.

I hope that you find the site of benefit and have a look through the archives as I’m sure that there will be something of interest to all our visitors.